Everybody Needs A Hero

Love is Weakness?

Love is Powerful?

The question?

The oldest Question..

Hidden in plain sight…

The meaning of love…

R.F, L.S, R.J, C.M, H.F, J.N

Tigger & Sockie


A force from above to clean my soul…

Love is danger, love is pleasure Love is pure, the only Treasure.


Lots of Love




IMVU Sexy Avatars!

Look how Sexy Jessie Heart and I Look 😛

Dakota x



Homosexual Misconceptions..

During their most recent same-sex encounter, 75 percent of all men gave oral sex, 74.8 percent kissed on the mouth, 74 percent received oral sex.
Only about 35 percent of all men went full-blown anal.
Apparently the question, “Are you a top or a bottom?” only matters one-third of the time.”

I myself wouldn’t fit into either category as a “top” or “bottom”,
Because Quite frankly,
I very much dislike “bottoming” and if it came down to it,
I only would top for a shoot or because my sexual partner wanted to “bottom”.

It’s the same sort of thing of hearing from misguided people
“So, Who’s the woman in the relationship?”
in a Same Sex Relationship,
Both parties are either “men” or “woman”.

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time,
I just thought I would take this time to write about something a little more interesting,
Most of guys (or girls) reading this post are all sick and tired of

“Homosexual Misconceptions”

My Friend Simba sent me this News report early today..
from Queerty.com

STUDY: Young Men Suck At Sex, Bottoming Doesn’t Hurt,
And 1 in 2 Guys Bareback

Which inspired today’s Blog Post/Rant 😀

Dakota x



Dakota’s Jessie Heart Will Shine!


Just a quick post about this rising Star and special person in my life.

<3 Jessie Heart <3

He is my fiancé, soon to be husband.
We are planning on getting married with a
Once Upon a Time style after party!

I of course will be dressed as Rumpelstiltskin (The Dark One),
Jessie will be dressed as Regina Mills (The Evil Queen)

If you are wondering who these amazing Characters are..
Watch the clip below from the Best TV Series

Once Upon a Time

2×12 Regina tells Rumple that Belle is dead

Checkout his blog below and follow on Twitter

Dakota x



Smacky..happy birthday








Dakota rolling around with Tails

I made friends with a beautiful boy from the other side of the country..

Kinda got drunk and had a flirt at my castle surrounded by pretty DJ lights and effect fog.

Enjoy our drunken video

Dakota Shine x



Dakota does a little tease.. a Little tease…

Hey :)
I was on a Group Chat “Team Fabulous” … With
Mr :

Enjoy 😛

Dakota x



Dakota Shine Interviews Jaye Elektra

Hey Jaye Elektra,

Firstly would like to thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions by myself and SmackyGirl!

So lets start.. Where did you meet me and what was your first impression?

‘To be totally honest I thought to myself ‘Bugger me. He has had a night of it.’. You had come out of a nightclub into the street lights earlier in the year and looked at me with a facial expression one would expect to find on a hamster that had unfortunately been flattened by a land rover.’

As you know I no longer do Porn, But what would your advice be to any budding
Pornstars or people Wishing to enter the Adult Industry?

‘Relax and be yourself. If people don’t like or appreciate you for it then tough tits to them. It really is more advice we should apply to life in general. You can not go through life expecting to be good at everything … succeed at everything … and win everyone over. Be careful what you expect of yourself.’

Do you have any funny or embarrassing moments while on set?

‘Oh I do indeed. One that stands out was a shoot I did on a massage table. Covered with oil my leg slipped off the table … I fell and crushed the other model and head butted the camera. All in all not a great thing to do … the content was unfortunately a bit topical for you’ve been framed.’

As you know my Wife runs a very Successful blog with a wide range of interesting content,
Would you ever consider becoming her blogger?

‘I very much doubt it … I don’t know. I cant see myself having the time. What free time I have I tend to fill with oil painting. Im not so much a writer.’

Do you prefer to be centre of attention or blended in with the crowd?

‘Well it depends. Sometimes you just want a quiet day. But I am very outspoken … I find it hard to blend for long.’

So what do you think of all the camera angle changes, and angle changes the companies do while we are “at it”… I mean come on busy here?!?

‘Well its necessary. It can be a pain but it needs to be done. I have been in the industry since November 2012. I don’t really think about it much anymore.’

If we ever had the chance to meet in person again, That being I didn’t scare you off the first time… What kind of atmosphere would you prefer…
Casual Drink, Party until Sunrise.. Or Wine and Dine?

‘Meet you again!? Christ alive no! Im kidding.. ..I am up for all. But I am drawn to wine and dine.. ..that however is likely due to how hungry I am feeling right now.’

Anyway I know your a very busy person so will finish off with..
If there any special people you would like to help for the success you have made so far as a Pornstar?

‘Not really. I don’t see myself as much of a success. I enjoy meeting new people and the industry is fantastic for that. Its mainly why I do porn.’

Thank You Mr Jaye Elektra… My Flat is currently flooding but I got my Priorities right… Blog First die later…

Lots of Love
Dakota X



Interviewing the Wife!

So it’s been awhile since I did a long post. So I thought Screw it, Lets Interview Smacky from SmackyGirl.com…

So Firstly… Just to recap how did we meet again? Who are you? .. Sorry being senile has kicked in!

– I found you on Facebook about 4-5 years ago and we got a long great pretty quickly since we`re both kinda mental and love living out life to the max of fun, so there was no problem finding the right chemistry between us. Before we knew it we were two inseparable friends for life =) –

When you come over to visit what is the first thing you look forward to, Mine is a kiss and Cuddle? I bet yours is the Garlic Bread from the Kebab…

– Our slow motion run and hug at the train station when I get of the train, getting trashed the minuted we walk in to your castle and staying up chatting for 3 days in a row. Eating every cheese cake in the world, waking up with a banging hangover to cuddle up and watch Game Of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, Wonderland, Buffy and great movies all day. To taking over the bars and night clubs, eating out and going on adventures tricking your partners thinking we got married :p –

What are your favourite places to visit while at mine? I have to say I have become with a obsessed…little Pub called the Hart.. They do Lovely Steak.. Smacky has Ruined my Soup and Noodles Obsession and finally! Got me to eat real food!

– Love the Sunday roast they do at The Hart, we don`t leave your house as much as we should have, which means I like it there best. Specially when I get to put the rave lights on and have my traditional lap dances preformed by Mister Shine. I like it when we go on a adventure in the local shops around your town where I often get beautiful presents from you. And of course going to the park to feed the duckies. –

My Favourite Cocktail or drink while we are out is either Long Island Iced Tea, Red Wine or a Good Bottle of Prosecco… What is your poison of choice?

-I do love my Tequila and have gotten you to drink that as well over the years and every time I get the blame for your head ache in the next morning :p My favourite cocktail must be Strawberry Daiquiri and I enjoy Vodka and Coke also. And beer over wine. You are usually pretty greedy sharing your Prosecco but not with me I am one of the few lucky ones who actually you offer to share it with. =)

Do you have any traditions to look forward to when coming to my castle?
There are so many things by now. My lap dances you give me, raving, cooking, cleaning, the long night chats and the killer hangovers, feeding the duckies, seeing what presents you bring home to me, getting tea and breakfast served in bed, shopping and going on adventures around the world of England. Least favourites are the day when we gotta wave bye bye and follow me to my train back home to Norway.. A little secret shared we have been wingy bitches and cried a few tears on those days. We`re mushie people sometimes :p

Have I kept my promise of keeping our castle up to your standards… Clean Clean Clean….
Mrs Consuela where are you…?
– Yes you have gotten much better and have a proper adult flat now then your boys room you used to have with wires and crap floating around :p Only minus with this now is that you keep asking me where I put things after cleaning..But it seems you found a system on it yourself now as you stopped asking where this and that cable is. Dakota sometimes thinks very highly on me so when he asks where a certain computer cable is I try my best to look geeky and smart but tbh this is so way out of my knowledge that I have 99.9% of the time not a fucking clue what a duppidutti cable is nor does it usually help if he tries to describe what it looks like and what color the ends has XD Dakota has grown out of the messy teenage boy a long time ago so I think its only fair he earned to be Mister Consuela now. –

My  of choice is either Techno, Hardstyle or Dubstep, Which you like to call Brain surgery music.. Do we have any current mixes or artists we have a common instead in?

We share a lot of songs.. Power and Control by Marina and the diamonds. Swear you sing that to me sometimes and also. Rihanna-Diamonds, Gummi Bear songs, Here comes the Rain again – Alex Cortez, Medicine(Trance version).. Anyway whatever song one of us has on the brain the other follows shortly anyway as we spend too much time together and follow one another steps close like we are a tail on a cat. –



Rihanna – Diamonds (Jacob Plant Remix)

Do I have any sweet or annoying habits?
– We can have our moments where we rob the down stairs shop where Dakota lives, I love my bacon fries, cheesecake, onion rings which I have actually got Dakota to start eating as he always says he hates onions, you have your standards habbits that never changes. Orange Lucozade, Banana milkshake from the shop, your tea cakes and stealing of whatever candy I buy or that I left at yours going home :p Guy if you ever hear Dakota say he doesn`t eat or like chocolate much. He probably wont touch it while your there but if you leave it there and go home bet your money on that its gonna be gone gone goneee in no time :p He still owes me my cheesecake I left there lol –

Have you got my basement all ready to kidnap me once the passport shit heads finally send it out?
Yes I do. This is a funny story as when I first met Dakota that’s what I knew him as and I like joking about with him and he asked where he would stay if he came to visit me in Norway. I said in true stalker style that he would go in the basement where the rest of my kidnapped pretty boys are.. Except that Dakota only replied: Can I play with them? –

It’s getting to the summer soon.. Should I keep my hair as it is.. Or go see the sexy hairdresser and get it shorter? Btw darling your hair looks fabulous..
– You can go a bit shorter in the back so we can spike it and get the curl of your fringe :p I`m having words with your hair dresser Harry next time. I am not impressed lol, Can`t believe you said I got the Dakota haircut lol.
I look like a boiiiii XD –

What is your favourite meal we like to cook for each other when we are together?
– Probably when we cook pasta or I make you steak.. I fancy you more behind the bar making me cocktails and serving tea in my bed in the morning 😀 –

Do you think I am good kitchen assistant?
– Yes very good if your not drunk, if you are you just sit at the kitchen table waiting for me to serve you and probably hoping I feed you too :p No he is very good, he washes things I am finish with, sets tables and help stir the sauces and make salad.. –

What pet names do we have for each other?
Ok this might take a while to type ahaa.
Mister and Mrs Gummi Bear, Mister and Mrs Consuela, wife, husband, 2 evil heads, shithead, Beautiful lady, hunni, Woman!
babe, everything around friendship names, every insult for when we fall out.

How minutes has it been on our clock that we keep running to time when we fall out?
– We been good for over a week now so till now I and you still going strong. Bitch where is my cheesecake you ate illegally? –

The Evil Queen: "I shall destroy your happiness…"

Who is Sausage?
Sausage is Dakota`s platypus teddy bear that he brings with him everywhere. Sausage calls me auntie Smacky and is often seen on Skype or in photo saying she misses me. –

Do you wanna buld a Snowman?
I can kill Mr Simba for getting me Hooked on the song from Frozen?

– Sure,, but think its gotta be a sandman now when its the summer 😀 –

Do you have explanation for my random Growth Spurt… *wink wink*?
– You kissed a girl and he liked it? –

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
The ones at yours only or all together the ones I got home??
If you stopped buying me new sexy shoes I would have a lot less to show of to my girlfriends :p
I am a spoiled lady friend of Dakota –

If you were prime minister/ruler of the world what laws would you make?
If you were a super hero what powers would you have?
– Ability to teleport to you whenever I wanted to for free!!
See I can be in Star Trek geeky mood if I want.
I even said the right name this time and not Star Wars where you usually bitch at me for mixing those two programs up –

And what would your hero name be?
– SmackyLina –

Are you a good singer?
You say I am but I don`t think I am. Other people should judge on that. Add my singing videos under the questions and let others judge it. Dakota seems to love listening to me sing and I actually gotten him to be confident to sing as well. So now we often have sing parties instead of rave parties too.

Which form of public transport do you prefer?
– Riding on a duckie!

What was your last dream about?
– I knew you where gonna ask that and he meant the naughty dream where I had a 3 some with Dakota`s mother and Dakota`s boyfriend. Where Dakota was in that dream
I have no idea but I had a lovely time lol.. –

What types of holidays do you prefer?
– Relaxing at yours watching movies and geeking all day at you castle.. Its warm as fuck in his room in the summer and we always complain but I wouldn`t change it for the world. Just have to be naked a lot more then usual.
We don`t mind, we`re 100% confident friends and none of us needs to worry about being groped.
Unless someone of us is drunk and demanding on a train back from the pub! –

What’s the longest you’ve ever been on holiday?
– Think thats in the summers when I stay for a couple of months at yours 😀 –

What was your favourite holiday memory?
– The year when my birthday was when we went to a concert and had a big birthday party for me at yours. We had unlimited fun and no dramas by then. Everything was nice and shiny.. –

Finally.. What your plans for the future of SmackyGirl.com?
I take it day by day as it grown. People come to me with ideas I can`t be asked with chasing anyone as I am one of the few lucky ones who doesn`t need to do that. I have my 20,000 visits a week now and still I don`t need to demand money for anything or anyone so I am happy just the way my blog is atm and I have good clever bloggers and you as a blog partner to help out and make us grow and prosper too. I have been noticed by Americans and also expanding our horizon a bit atm so there might be something new and fresh it.. But at the end of the day. Once upon a time I only lived of and grew my rep on what Dakota Shine gave to me 3 years ago and let me use his name as the only tag to blog about. I could still live good if I took away anything sept his name to blog about on it. And sometimes it is the only thing that matters too. Its a friendship blog and about reaching out to those who have the right spirit.

Thank You, Lots of Love
x Dakota x



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